About Me

Photography and me through the years…

I love photography and see it more as an extension of who I am than as an activity. As one with interests that are are deep, wide and varied, it is a way to capture and create images of what I see of interest around me and share them with a wide audience to enjoy. On one level, each image represents a small visual slice in time parsed from the ever-changing and vast visual world around us. The life of those images beyond that is one of infinite possibilities.  For me, that takes it to another level and is where the fun begins.

My passion for photography began in my youth during the film/darkroom days when I attended photography school, and resumed later in my life in earnest at the dawn of the digital age. In 2011, I began taking college classes in Visual Communications to expand upon my interest in photography into the area of Visual Communications.  

What I do and a look ahead…

I currently shoot mostly stock photography but do some product photography for client websites as well at times. In the very near future, I will be expanding into other types of services on a contributor to a client, work for hire basis type photography and offering processing/digital image editing as well.

M.E. Risser Photography
11700 Preston Road, Suite 660 #177
Dallas, TX 75230

Ph: (972) 897-4058



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