Film & Digital

Photography has been a lifelong interest of mine going back to the film/darkroom days, when I attended photography school and worked as a technician in a custom color/b&w photo lab. In photography school I used many cameras from a 2 1/4 Twin Lens Camera, 4 x 5 View Camera to a Large Format 4 x 5 Portrait Camera and processed my film from the shots I took with those cameras, in both b&w and Color, by hand in a darkroom, after mixing the film development chemicals myself. It was an enriching experience and taught me many of the fundamentals of photography I use to this day in the digital age. After that era in my life ended, I earned my living by other means and enjoyed photography as time allowed. When photography technology evolved into the digital age, and I began shooting with a DSLR Camera, I found myself devoting an ever increasing amount of time post-processing images and working with various digital imaging software’s. That encouraged me to return to college (after many years away), this time taking courses in a Visual Communications program that included digital image editing, web design and WordPress, all of which I found fascinating and thoroughly enjoy to this day.

In today’s digital age, as in the film/darkroom days, I tend to gravitate to the technical, post-processing “back-end” side of photography, working on both new and existing images of my own, as well as those of others. Today though, instead of working in a darkroom with Gray Lab timers, safe lights, chemicals, enlargers, film, transparencies, and paper for image printing or transparencies, I work on a personal computer, comfortably seated in a nice office, using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other software programs to produce images for display on a monitor and/or print. The latter of these two is the work environment I much prefer and thoroughly enjoy!

That said, I do shoot pictures for stock photography on Dreamstime and will be doing that more often in 2018 and beyond.

Below are links to my Dreamstime Stock Portfolio and some of my Instagram Images (many of which are on Dreamstime as well).


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